ACT - Active Fire Safety Systems

In the Australian Capital Territory, maintenance of Fire Safety Measures is controlled by the ACT Fire Brigade. The Planning and Land Authority control Building Legislation. Part I1 of the BCA has specific provisions which deal with various administrative and technical matters. The ACT Fire Brigades Act requires Active Fire Safety Systems to be maintained whilst the ACT Fire Brigade requires compliance with AS1851.

Best practice would dictate that AS1851-2005 should be the standard all Fire Services Providers should be using for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Safety Measures in the absence of any legislation. There is no requirement at this time for display or submission of Annual Certificates or Statements.

Many NSW-based companies operating in the ACT still require Annual Fire Safety Statements to be displayed in the buildings that they own or manage. Shopping Centres are asking for Annual Fire Safety Statements to be submitted by their major tenants even though there is no regulatory requirement to do so in the ACT.